Flamingo Coffee

At Flamingo Coffee Roasters, the dynamic duo, Charlotte and Mia are brewing up something special. These barista birds have a passion for coffee that’s as strong as their love for their feathered friends. And who wouldn’t love a good cup of joe with a side of flamingo flair?

Our team worked closely with Charlotte and Mia to understand their vision and bring it to life in a visually stunning way. We began by creating a playful and unique logo that features a stylized flamingo in a tropical setting surrounded by coffee beans. The logo is not only eye-catching but also perfectly captures the company’s quirky personality.

Aye, Aye —
Modernising t'Pie!

What We Did
Logo Development
Brand Identity
Packaging Design

Rob’s brief for us was to come up with a logo that paid homage to the original logo of Bridge Town Canteen by incorporating the bridge/cutlery icon it’s most know for. But this time he wanted us to add a whimsical feel to the look by throwing a pie into the mix. Through our creative process we experimented with various styles and typography before narrowing it down to this playful, friendly, and bold concept. Here’s what we came up with.

Main Logo
Logo Mark
Wide Logo


Super chuffed with the logo that Broadus Studio have produced. As soon as I described what I wanted they got it straight away and produced examples that were hard to choose from straight off the bat. Will definitely be working together throughout to get the brand going further.
Rob Taylor
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